Driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license in Liberia, just as in any other country, is illegal and can end up getting you some jail time.

Any driver’s license issued in Liberia through the right channel is required to be issued after one has been given an official receipt of the Government of Liberia. If you were not issued with the official receipt, the driver’s license is counterfeit and is subject to a fine of not more than $5,000. You may also be jailed for a term not exceeding three years. This is in accordance to the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

The first step of acquiring a driver’s license is getting a police clearance certificate. This is issued at the Liberia National Police Testing and Evaluation Center. Step two involves getting an invoice for payment from Ministry of Transport. Payments are made through the Central Bank Annex, and it usually varies depending on the category of the driver’s license.

Step three involves taking the invoice back to the Ministry of Transport for validation and completing a Driver’s License application form. Once you submit these two documents, you proceed to the Numbering Clerk who issues you with a license number. 

At step four, you are subjected to an interview by the Ministry of Transport officials, and if successful, the DL application form is signed and approved Director of Driver’s License and the Deputy/Assistant Minister for Land & Rail, respectively. 

The last step involves setting expiration dates for the license, usually done by the Ministry of Transport Processing Clerk. You then proceed to the production room where your photo and signature are taken. After this, you wait for 5 to 25 working days, on average, until your DL is hand delivered.