Buying a used car can be as exciting as frustrating, here are some tips to make your investment safe and enjoy your acquisition. Unfortunately, you are always susceptible to fraud, extortion, and various other illicit activities that you must be very careful not to get involved in.

How to protect our investment?

Buying a used or pre-owned car requires a good research, analysis of not only material risks, talking about the car, but also administrative risks. Everything must be perfectly in order, or as they say in the slang: "papers in order, that's what counts".

Pre-owned or used cars can't talk to tell us their story, unless they belong to a friend, relative or close friend. Here are some basic tips when buying a pre-owned car. 

1 - Make a good research. Do not be surprised or "fall in love" with the first option. Remember that there are many possibilities. 

2 - Never make any kind of deposit, payment or purchase to any company, institution or person that you do not know, and much less if it is online. Do not share any personal information either.

3- Discard offers too attractive, bargains or auctions. It may be too good to be true and it is almost a fact that there will be something irregular with both the condition of the car and the documentation.

4 - Make an appointment to see the vehicle, do not go alone, be skeptical, ask everything you can about the car: model, mileage, services, who owns it, who it belonged to, what it is used for, even ask about any defect. Then start asking about administrative issues. If you notice any doubt or strange attitude from the seller, discard the option. The vehicle in question must be in perfect chronological order.

5 - If you decide to leave your car on consignment at a dealership, be very careful with any "alternative" offer from the dealer. It is well known that some dealerships work with external resellers "associated" with the sellers.

6 - Be very careful with refurbished cars. The invoice must have a valid company name, stamps below, and must always be accompanied by a copy of the last owner's official identification.

7 - For payment, it is best to make a bank transfer or deposit at a bank window. If you decide to bring cash, do not go alone and send the documents by other means.