An initiative has been created to engage media and citizens in a debate about public funds and how the federal budget are impacting communities nationally. Liberia has a great deal of resources, but cannot find the impact of them due to our current road condition, as specialist explains. Improving the road conditions in the country is one of the major projects under the policy initiated by President George Weah.

The loan is one of several funding bundles the government has procured to enhance road connectivity from the nation. Along with this US$536 million loan by a Singaporean financing firm, the authorities allocated US$36 million from the Public Works budget to enhance the network. This demonstrates that the government would like to connect all of the roads.

From the 12,000 kilometers of roads in Liberia, 94% of them are unpaved. Travelling into the southeast is tough, particularly during the Rainy Season when automobiles have been stuck in the sand for many times, stranding passengers that are transporting create or seeking medical care at hospitals.