Emergi, a Dutch start-up specializing in renewable energy technologies, is poised to revolutionize urban mobility in Liberia by introducing its first electric vehicle, the "Kekeh," to the market. To transition from the prototype stage to large-scale production, Emergi has initiated a fundraising campaign to raise 10,000 euros. This innovative move aims to address the pressing need for sustainable and carbon-neutral urban transportation solutions in Liberia.


Pioneering Electric Mobility in Liberia

Emergi's ambitious project involves the introduction of the "Kekeh," a three-wheeled electric vehicle designed to enhance driver experience, reduce CO2 emissions, and lower the cost of ownership for drivers in Liberia. Through extensive market research and collaboration with local stakeholders, Emergi is confident that electric vehicles will not only transform urban transport but also contribute to environmental sustainability in the region.

Fundraising Campaign for Production Phase

Emergi, a start-up focused on revolutionizing urban transport in Liberia with electric vehicles, is facing a significant financial challenge in transitioning from prototype development to large-scale production. To overcome this hurdle, Emergi has launched a fundraising campaign aimed at mobilizing funds from Liberians. The campaign seeks to harness the collective support of the community to secure the capital necessary for mass production. Scheduled to conclude on December 4, 2020, this initiative is crucial for kickstarting the manufacturing of eco-friendly electric vehicles tailored for urban transport in Liberia. Emergi believes that with the backing of the Liberian people, they can not only achieve their financial goals but also contribute to sustainable development and environmental conservation. By supporting this campaign, Liberians have the opportunity to be part of a transformative movement towards greener and more efficient urban mobility.

Innovations for Driver Safety and Income

Emergi's electric Kekehs will incorporate cutting-edge features to enhance driver safety, increase income opportunities, and improve overall user experience. These innovations include mobile phone payment systems, in-car security cameras, GPS support, and solar-powered charging stations. By prioritizing driver protection and income generation, Emergi aims to create a more inclusive and sustainable urban transport ecosystem in Liberia.

Socioeconomic Impact and Job Creation

Beyond revolutionizing urban mobility, Emergi's initiative is set to have a broader socioeconomic impact by creating quality jobs for drivers, mechanics, renewable energy experts, and IT specialists. The project's inclusive approach, particularly in empowering women drivers, underscores Emergi's commitment to fostering economic opportunities and promoting gender equality in the transportation sector.


Emergi's endeavor to introduce electric vehicles in Liberia represents a significant step towards sustainable urban mobility and environmental conservation in the region. By leveraging innovative technologies and community engagement, Emergi is not only revolutionizing transportation but also creating job opportunities and promoting inclusive growth in Liberia's evolving automotive industry.