Many drivers delay routine maintenance on their cars in Liberia. Additionally, owners of vehicles 8 or more years old tend to delay routine maintenance. Neglecting preventative car maintenance can result in costly repairs down the road.

The importance of car maintenance

Saves you money. A car is a major investment and preventative maintenance will help you preserve the value of your car. The more maintenance you give to your car, the more you will save.

Increases its useful life. Today, vehicles can last 250,000 miles or more if they receive regular maintenance.

Improves the level of security. If your car is properly maintained, it will be less likely to break down. Malfunctions can lead to an accident or leave you stranded. Maintaining your car regularly will help you identify a tire that is about to blow out or brake pads that need changing before they become dangerous.

Maximize efficiency. Something as small as a bad spark plug can affect gas mileage. Regular maintenance can help maintain the manufacturer's estimated fuel economy.

What kind of preventive maintenance for cars should I perform?

You should follow the maintenance schedules, such as the maintenance schedule contained in the vehicle manual or look it up online. How often you drive, where, and how you drive all affect how often your vehicle will need maintenance.

Although you can do some of the repairs yourself, it's best to have your car inspected by a certified technician at least twice a year to determine maintenance needs. You know how much your car means to you. It gives you and your family freedom and security. So whether you're on the road or in the garage, there are simple things you can do to minimize the risk of crashes, breakdowns, and theft.

Before buying a used vehicle or new SUV to transport you and your loved ones, you'll naturally want to do some research. Factors to consider include the vehicle's performance in crash tests and a list of safety features.

Buying a new car is a significant investment, so start by considering what type of car you need. Are you going to use it mainly to go to work? To take the children to school and travel around the city? Focus on the type of vehicle that best suits your lifestyle.