Toyota Urban Cruiser

This vehicle, which is known as the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder in its native India, was never intended to be a straight replacement for the Urban Cruiser, which will soon be discontinued, but rather as a more upscale option. Toyota was in a pickle after Suzuki decided to stop making the Suzuki-built Urban Cruiser since the inexpensive SUV was very well-liked by local consumers and frequently sold in the neighbourhood of 2000 units per month.

The Flaws in Toyota's Recent Production 

Everything you observe here is the only reasonable replacement currently. It's strange that the new Urban Cruiser (Hyryder), which is patterned on the Suzuki Grand Vitara, is made at a Toyota factory in India and further distinguishes itself from its Suzuki brother with a distinctive frontal appearance.

The issue for Toyota is that, despite the lack of local pricing information, this is a bigger and more costly product that will charge more than the automobile it replaces. Toyota will have a fine line to walk in this situation since the new model is not much narrower than the Corolla Cross, despite being much larger than the present model.

Immediate Action to be Taken by Toyota

If Toyota hopes to even partially fill the hole left by the wildly successful Urban Cruiser, which now starts at R283 200, it will need to price it competitively. However, if the correlation between price and specification is too high, it might displace sales of the locally produced Corolla Cross, which starts at R371 200. Additionally, you don't want to jeopardize local assembly.

A 1.5-liter normally blown petrol engine with outputs of 76kW and 136Nm is anticipated to provide the necessary power. In India, the corporation also offers a hybrid model, but, according to Toyota, this choice won't be accessible in South Africa for a minimum of subsequent 12 to 18 months.