Jiji recently purchased Cars45 since Jiji has grown to become a credible platform for auto sales. The purchase was made to strengthen and expand Jiji's position in the automobile dealership industry in LIberia. According to Maxim Makarchuk, Jiji is a network that connects buyers to sellers and helps them in facilitating sales with their feasibility.

Jiji has developed into a workforce of over 1000 individuals in eight years, with 12+ million unique monthly visits, 4+ million active advertising, and a total value of $10 billion. Jiji’s mission aims to make purchasing and selling vehicles faster, easier, and safer by digitalizing automotive commerce. Every automobile buyer, on the other hand, every automobile buyer may utilize an inspection report based on 200+ parameters to receive a confirmed car that meets his expectations.

Jiji Cars offers

Jiji Cars help auto sellers in prompt and easy car sales. There are thousands of dealers who are willing to pay on the spot for their favorite car. In comparison to traditional methods of selling vehicles, Jiji Cars provides a tried-and-true system for selling automobiles to thousands of dealers via online auctions. There's also the Jiji Automobiles Marketplace, where automobiles that didn't sell at auction are listed for visibility to millions of buyers and the chance to sell sooner and at the seller's chosen price.

A positive outcome for the buyer

Jiji had been dealing for a long time and offered safe and trusted sellers and an easy transaction process. Jiji also allows you to buy cars on loan, which comes with less interest and tenure for up to 36 months.

According to the CEO of Jiji cars, Anton Volianski, The consumers wanted to avoid the high transaction fees associated with traditional vehicle dealers and prefer quick and efficient transactions. Most of the time, they wish to meet with the auto vendors one-on-one. As a result, automobile sales are more quickly and effectively with Jiji Cars. We also provide value to our buyers and sellers through our digitized procedures, striving to become the industry leader.

Talking about the reasons to make transactions with Jiji cars. According to the director of African operations of Jiji, Yuliy Shenfled, Sellers may sell their automobiles faster and be paid the same day by using the Jiji platform's millions of customers. This is because the operations have been digitized to make purchasing and selling automobiles quick, safe, and simple for our consumers. Furthermore, buyers have access to thousands of confirmed automobiles that 200+ characteristics that have been inspected on the platform to ensure their real status.

Jiji’s e-commerce platforms are improving day by day and giving a lot of benefits to the consumers and the sellers. In this era, we are sure that this technology will create a big change in the upcoming years of the African and Liberian e-commerce marketplace.