Hot and disturbed

When the temperature rises in summer in Liberia, you need the help of your air conditioner to keep you cool. The cold air from your A/C is the best feeling on a hot summer day. A long trip with your A/C not working would feel like a never-ending trip.

A car without the A/C working is hot, so it's hard to travel in it. To keep everyone comfortable, you need to fix it. If you encounter any of these issues, you should get your car inspected by a professional mechanic.

Air isn’t cold enough

As the warm weather gets hot, it makes the car A/C air warm.  If the A/C air isn’t cold enough as it used to be, it can be difficult to travel. This can happen for various reasons, like a leak due to the worn-out seal and failed compressor. This is a time-consuming problem. Get an inspection by the mechanic if you notice any symptoms.

Infrequent cooling

You turn on your car A/C at the start, and it gives cold air; however, slowly, it starts giving out warm air. What's the issue here? There could be various reasons for this happening. One cause could be as ice forms due to moisture and air stuck in the A/C, which also blocks the expansion valve. Other reasons can be leakage, issues in the compressor clutch, or a dead fuse. But, again, you can get help from a mechanic to fix this issue.

Weak airflow

If your car's A/C has a weak airflow when you switch it on, it’s not only irritating but indicates something is wrong with your airflow of the A/C system. This could happen due to a seal opening up which weakens the airflow, a loose hose, failed ventilation. A mechanic will inspect and fix all these issues.

Bad smell coming from the vents

A bad smell in a car is annoying. A bad smell coming from the car vents is due to various reasons. First, moisture causes mildew and mold due to its bad smell comes. Switch off the A/C and drive with the fan on for a while to fix this. A dirt cabin filter can be another cause, so it needs to be replaced to have fresh air.

Tips for keeping A/C in good condition

These tips can keep you’re A/C maintained:

  • Use A/C frequently-Turning the A/C on for 10 minutes once a week will maintain the compressor.
  • Use the defroster- Turning the defroster once a week for 5-10 minutes will percent bad smells.
  • Utilize the A/C in winter- Using A/C in winter might sound odd, but it removes the fog on the windshield and informs any issues to be fixed before summer.
  • A/C Inspection – Get an inspection by the mechanic to look out for any issues and guide you if any problem.